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Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic Medicine is an extension of orthodox medicinal practice.  It is based on a comprehensive view of the human being provided by spiritual science as given by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

When applied to health, this view is very detailed and provides an extensive picture of man of body, soul and spirit.

Anthroposophic Medicine is practised alongside orthodox medicine in hospitals, medical practice, by general practitioners and specially trained therapists around the world.

Anthroposophically prepared medicines are prescribed by doctors for internal or external use.  These are often prescribed in conjunction with other therapy recommendations - Therapeutic Eurhythmy, Art Therapy, Rhythmical Massage, Compress Treatments and Oil Dispersion Bath Therapies.

Many of the external treatments, oils and emulsions can be used regularly at home to ease the distress of acute illness, for first aid and in preventative health care.

At Byronshop we have a large range of products to support Anthroposophic Medicine both at home and in treatment.  These include:

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