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Seasonal Insights - Top 5 Summer Holiday Survival Tips

The holiday season is about to begin, beautiful summer days, barbecues, beaches and lots of outdoor activities. This month I thought I’d share the top treatments, remedies and ointments we use all the time in our house - these are my life savers, I always have them on hand and would never travel without them!

This can be used whenever you need to restore rhythm, help draw one back in and to refresh and calm. It is good after too much mental exertion, activity or a disturbed rhythm. A Lemon Foot Bath will help restrain and draw all the excess activity down to the feet.

An alternative to the Lemon Foot Bath is a Lemon Bath and is ideal when you are looking for a reset button after a day of much excitement and activity.

For the Lemon Foot Bath, take a large bowl or bucket with enough water to reach just above the ankles. The water should be body temperature or just below. Take a whole lemon, hold beneath the water whilst you cut in half and score the lemon skin and flesh, squeezing the juice into the water. Sit with feet in the lemon foot bowl with a towel covering the knees and foot bowl for 10 minutes. You may like to use the time to read a favourite story.

This is a great treatment for any member of the family - you can even all share the same foot bath if it is big enough!

Survival Tip Number One - Lemon Foot Bath

Survival Tip Number Two - Weleda Arnica Spray 6x

To spray straight on all those bumps and bruises - I love the spray because you can spray without touching the ouchey part! Team with Arnica Pilules.

Survival Tip Number Three - Weleda Arnica 6x Pilules

Use immediately after a fall or bump, or for muscle aches and pains after all that physical activity. Just by putting the little pilules in the mouth you get an immediate calming effect.

Survival Tip Number Four - Weleda Combudoron Gel

Based on the common stinging nettle, this cooling gel will help soothe sunburn, insect bites and minor burns or scalds.

Survival Tip Number Five - Weleda Hypercal Cream

For all the scrapes and scratches. A combination of Hypericum and Calendula as a natural anti- septic and wound healter. The addition of Hypericum helps to reduce the pain straight away!

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