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Wala Massage and Bath Oils »

Wala Hypericum St Johns Wort Oil 100ml

$49.50 AUD inc GST

Massage oil with extracts of St. John's Wort.

Can be used as a Massage Oil and rubbed into the painful area 1 to 3 times daily, or use as a bath oil with the Jungebad Oil Dispersion Unit

Ingredients: St. John's Wort Oil. Peanut Oil.

WALA have been making natural medicines since 1935. They are based on the principles of Anthroposophical medicine and consist of medicinal plants and natural substances which have been prepared using a rhythmic process developed by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthroposophical Medicine, as applied to Naturopathy, is an extension of orthodox naturopathic practice and is based on a comprehensive view of the human being provided by anthroposophical spiritual science.

When applied to health, this view is very detailed and provides an extensive picture of the human being.

Anthroposophically prepared medicines are prescribed for internal or external use.

Internal Anthroposophical Medicines include elixirs, herbal and potentised remedies.

External Anthroposophical Treatments include Sphagnis, Oils, Compresses, Rhythmical Massage and Therapeutic Baths.

Many of the remedies can be used regularly at home for acute illness, first aid and preventative health.

If you would like more information, we invite you to visit or phone Cocoon in the Yarra Valley 03 9013 1136 to talk informally or book for a full Naturopathic Consultation with our Naturopath.

Cocoon can recommend and has access to a broad range of Anthroposophic remedies, creams and ointments.

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